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About Us

About is an e-commerce company founded in Latvia that offers a wide assortment (more than 10,000 products) of sex toys for women, men and couples, as well as more spicy pleasures for "taste lovers" - BDSM entertainment products. We offer our products both in retail and wholesale. We are currently in the Baltic States with the aim of expanding to other countries as well.

Our customers are our value, we respect everyone, because when it comes to pleasure, it is a big and important part of every person's full and happy life.

Our team wanted to create a place where everything is possible, every boldest wish is acceptable and only your own fantasy is the limit. Life is about trials and tribulations. How will you know what you like if you don't try it?

     Our mission is to inspire people to a better, more open and fulfilling sex life. We want to bring more love, presence and intimacy into everyday life.

The company's team wants to help as many people as possible dare to try more interesting sexual adventures. We want to give our customers the best experience when shopping with us. We know a lot about sex toys and we want to pass this knowledge on to you when you need to enrich your love and sex life. started as a dream to inspire a better and more playful sex life, to offer customers the best products and the best advice in the field of sexual pleasure.

     The Pspot team inspires you to laugh, feel, enjoy and love more every day. And we will continue to do so with pride and belief in what we do for our customers.

Well-being and happiness are closely related to our sexuality, it is not taboo. Your desires are as different as we all are. Be unique, indulge in experiments, pleasures and happy moments. Our mission is to offer it to you, help, support and create a place where prejudices do not exist.

We wish you a great day with pleasure, team