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She reveled in the feeling of glorious anticipation as she took her body massage-her out of her purse. She loved how it was the perfect size for her to take everywhere with her. So petite and powerful, she smiled to herself as she pressed the button to turn it on. This was her private time and she i..
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Reach the big O without having to lift a finger! The Ultimate G-Spot Butterfly Strap-On features 10 explosive vibration modes that can be operated via from the included wireless remote control. Play alone or with a partner, at home or on the go!An elastic lace waistband with adjustable straps lets y..
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Reach the big O without having to lift a finger! The Ultimate Butterfly Strap-On features 10 explosive vibration modes that can be operated via remote control wireless included.Play alone or with a partner, at home or on the go! Adjustable straps let you place the gently curved belt right where you ..
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Tonight would be a night she would always remember. She had enjoyed her long, hot bubble bath and had applied her favorite lotion with sensual caresses. Now it was time to put on her petite panty thrill-her. She slid the purple panty up her legs. The see-through material was incredible sexy and it f..
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Enjoy some amazing vibrations while the clitoral stimulator leaves you speechless. Your body has an ergonomic and textured design for you to enjoy as never before. The clitoris stimulator is at the end of the base and has a rubber with two covers so you can stimulate your nipples at once. Features: ..
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Finally found a toy that ticked all her boxes: vibration, thrusting, twisting, clitoral stimulation and warming up. She couldnt wait to try the Ultimate Thrusting Clit Stimulate-Her< /strong>!I wanted to know what it felt like to feel everything on her wish list at the same time. He turned on The he..
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She always craved oral sex and wished she could enjoy it more often. Now she could. Her Ultimate Pleasurecould give her the intimate ecstasy she was searching.First, he pressed Press the button to activate vibration and then trace the her body with pulsing pleasure. I knew this would feel great insi..
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Stimulate your sweet spot with this incredible pump! Go ahead! This pleasure pump harnesses the power of intense suction to make you more sensitive, excited and ready to your best encounters.The clear cup conforms to your intimate areas and creates an airtight seal. Pull the trigger repeatedly to ex..
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She had discovered the perfect present for both her and her lover. She slipped the crotchless panty thrill-her out of its package and admired the gorgeous purple hue of the panty. She knew from talking with her friends that most women needed to have some clitoral stimulation in order to have an eart..
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Youve dreamed of having this kind of freedom! Your Ultimate Strapless Strap-On would give you greater closeness during strap-on sex play. get in your way. Slid He gently pressed the conical bulb into her tender hole. It fit her perfectly, as if it had been made just for her. He looked down and admir..
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She deliberately locked her bedroom door and removed her Duo Wand Massage-Her from her drawer. She was already thinking about how incredible both Duo Wand Massage-Her motors would feel–one motor with its deep, rumbling vibrations and the other motor with intense, pinpoint pleasure. She pressed the b..
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Who doesn’t want her own sexy secret? She blushed as she wore HER Finger Vibe on her fingers for a vibrating massage on her nipples before slipping it into her lacy panties. The silky, smooth silicone softly warmed to her body temperature.She secured the supple straps around the outside of her panty..
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