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The FETISH SUBMISSIVE Adjustable Chest and Neck Fixation Harness is the ideal choice for those looking for an authentic and provocative experience in games of domination and submission. n.Made with vegan leather, neoprene and a metal chain, this harness combines style, comfort and resistance. Sturdy..
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The FETISH SUBMISSIVE Adjustable Torso and Arm Fixation Harness is the perfect choice for those looking for an authentic and safe experience in games of domination and submission. n.Made with high-quality, nickel-free vegan leather, it guarantees durability and prevents skin irritations. Its adjusta..
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The adjustable spreader bar with 4 wrist straps from FETISH SUBMISSIVE redefines the erotic experience with its modular and versatile design. Detachable and easy to transport, this bar adapts to your needs anywhere.Adjustable wrist straps provide comfort while extreme strength and nickel-free ensur..
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The FETISH SUBMISSIVE Breathable Silicone Ball Gag redefines the submission play experience.Made with breathable and adjustable silicone, it guarantees comfort and safety. The firm hold and quick-release buckle ensure effective control, while the absence of taste and odor offers a distraction-free s..
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The FETISH SUBMISSIVE Adjustable Neck and Wrist Restraint Harness is a refined choice for those seeking an authentic and safe sensual experience. Made with high-quality, nickel-free vegan leather, it guarantees durability and prevents skin irritations.Its adjustable design and tying versatility allo..
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Advanced BDSM games with the adjustable spreader bar, immobilize and enjoy. This spreader bar allows the retention of wrists and feet, together or separately in all the postures you can imagine. Made with neoprene and vegan leather interior, lightly padded, they adjust with velcro. Quick to put on, ..
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Take control with the Fetish Submisive adjustable belt doggy harness. A perfect padded harness with adjustable straps. Practice the famous doggy position! The doggy pose can take you to heaven! Ok, it is not the most romantic position we know, but it is the one that allows for greater friction and c..
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FETISH SUBMISIVE gag with vegan leather ring with nipple clamp attached by metal chain. (Ring made of PVC) Made from soft vegan leather and finished with two chain-link nipple clamps, this clamp collar set secures your subject in no time. The comfortable gag easily adjusts to almost all sizes, while..
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Take control of your lover with this complete bed set! These handcuffs allow you to create total submission of your lover in bed, highly resistant vegan leather and nickel-free metal. With this set, you can convert the bed into a BDSM place.Fantasy is the main role in this game, lay down your lover ..
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FETISH SUBMISIVE presents a unique set of restraints to facilitate the perfect master position for penetration with legs up. Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits, with the Master position. Adjustable and resistant vegan leather ties to keep your legs in place when necessary. The..
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FETISH SUBMISIVE necklace with 100% nickel-free metal chain, resistant and safe. This BDSM accessory includes a large neck ring and a small metal ring with a leash to keep your slave under strict control. This slave collar with vegan leather, nickel-free and durable metal chain is perfect for advanc..
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FETISH SUBMISIVE Presents the first vegan leather handcuffs with nickel-free metal! Lock up your lover with these sexy, effective and comfortable handcuffs. A classic accessory for your bondage games. These handcuffs have the elegant aesthetics you are looking for as well as absolute effectiveness. ..
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