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Larger lover for a huge amount of pleasure! This dildo is great because it looks extremely realistic. Its bulging glans, pronounced veins and its testicles with realistic creases will fulfill every desire! The flexible toy also has a handy suction cup, so that the dildo can stay securely in place ev..
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Average as the optimum! This flexible, penis-shaped dildo is just waiting to show some love: with its pronounced head, veined shaft and impressive testicles, it leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. What’s more, the suction cup on the dildo makes it suitable for hands-free fun. Total length 20 c..
Ex Tax:20.64€
Very realistic! This skin-coloured dildo is very realistic and has bulging glans and pronounced veins. With a suction cup. Length 18 cm, insertion depth 16 cm. Ø 2.3-2.8 cm. PVC...
Ex Tax:19.73€
Copied from nature! Penis vibrator with plump glans and strong veining. The vibrator is extremely flexible and always ready to go with its 3 vibration modes, adjustable by remote control and a suction cup base. Approx. 23 cm total length, Ø 3.5-5 cm. Material: PVC, ABS. (Please order batteries separ..
Ex Tax:36.41€
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