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The perfect plug for beginners discovering anal eroticism! Perfectly shaped plug with a tapered tip for easy insertion. The wide suction cup makes it easy to use and prevents it from sliding in too far. The suction cup sticks to any smooth surface and makes hands-free fun possible. Complete lengt..
Ex Tax:10.15€
The perfect basic equipment for exciting games outside of the norm! Beginners will really get their money's worth when they use this 5-piece set to enjoy soft BDSM sessions. The set contains a feather tickler, a small flogger with fronds, a satin blindfold, handcuffs with plush covers and a small f..
Ex Tax:27.11€
The must-have item for captivating pleasure! This ball gag is the perfect item for games of pleasure and submission. The firm ball gag has air holes for a good air supply and is great for keeping the submissive silent. The head strap is made out of imitation leather and can be adjusted with the buc..
Ex Tax:15.75€
For hot spanks! A handy flogger with numerous fronds. The flogger is made out of soft leather. With a practical wrist loop to stop it slipping. Perfect for soft stroking or hard discipline. Complete length 63,5 cm, width 2.2 cm. Leather...
Ex Tax:8.05€
For beginners and experts! These sturdy and comfortable handcuffs are perfect for an exciting introduction to the world of bondage! Not only do they look good, but they are also very sturdy for hard bondage fun – this makes the suitable for both beginners and experts. The connection chain can be un..
Ex Tax:17.38€
Restraint set for bondage lovers! The handcuffs and ankle cuffs are wonderfully padded and can be adjusted with the rolling buckle fasteners. Robust and sturdy – perfect for bondage games. Polyester, vinyl, metal...
Ex Tax:30.81€
For successful spanks! An easy-to-hold flogger with fronds that is made out of soft material. With a practical wrist loop to stop it slipping out of someone's hand. Perfect for gentle strokes or hard discipline. Complete length 65 cm, width 2.9 cm. Polychloride...
Ex Tax:10.85€
Perfect for foreplay! Gentle strokes and slight chastisement can be given with this small crop! Just choose the end that should be used and the fun can then start. The feathers can be moved gently over the body or to the ticklish areas for cheeky teasing. The paddle is perfect for gentle strokes as..
Ex Tax:10.85€
Hard and ready – any time of the day or night! Realistic, hollow, slightly curved dildo securely attached to a stretchy and adjustable strap-on. Perfect for strap-on beginners! HE can wear it for more girth, length, strength and stiffness. SHE can wear it to pleasure him/her. Complete length 15.3..
Ex Tax:18.04€
The perfect starter trio for exciting games that are out of the ordinary! Beginners in soft BDSM sessions can definitely get their money's worth with this 3-piece set. The set contains a pair of handcuffs (with keys), a small flogger and an opaque, satin blindfold. Metal, polyester, vinyl...
Ex Tax:15.75€
Safe and beautiful! These handcuffs are perfect for beginners who are curious about the world of bondage and SM. The safety levers mean the handcuffs can be opened even if the keys can't be found. The handcuffs can be adjusted for a comfortable fit. Includes 2 keys...
Ex Tax:10.15€
Powerful bullet and a hot string! This wonderfully soft vibro-bullet has a practical remote control and 10 interesting vibration modes. The sweet string made out of seductive lace is suitable for the vibro-bullet. The vibro-bullet can also be removed and used separately as well. This vibro-bullet c..
Ex Tax:34.52€
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