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This vibrator isn't just beautiful decoration for your bedside table! Not only does this extravagant vibrator provide stimulation with its 10 exciting vibration modes, but it also has a soft surface with a wavy texture that provides an extremely satisfying experience. It is easy to use, thanks to i..
Ex Tax:37.87€
Shape and function combined! This ergonomically shaped rabbit vibrator will definitely hit any pleasure spot. The slightly curved shaft means that the vibrator can reach any erogenous zone, thanks to its amazing flexibility. It's perfect for couple's fun because of how flexible it is and can be use..
Ex Tax:38.70€
Stimulation with grooves! This vibrator stands out not only with its shaft that has different diameters, but also because of the textured surface that provides additional stimulation. The soft surface feels velvety soft to the touch and it also helps the vibrator slide in easily. Furthermore, the v..
Ex Tax:33.48€
Provides spot-on G-spot stimulation! Wonderfully curved vibrator G-Spot Vibe from Elegant Series with a large massage head for spot-on G-spot stimulation. It can also be used to stimulate his P-spot. The 15 vibration modes can be easily adjusted at the push of a button and provide diverse pleasure...
Ex Tax:27.63€
The powerful little pleasure-giver for double the amount of satisfaction! Easy-to-hold Rabbit Vibe from Elegant Series with a clitoral stimulator for simultaneous stimulation of the vagina and clitoris. The 15 vibration modes provide very diverse pleasure during dual stimulation. The modes can be e..
Ex Tax:34.36€
The little waterproof vibrator for on the go! Mini vibrator Realistic Vibe from Elegant Series in a stimulating penis shape with pronounced glans and veins. The 15 vibration modes provide diverse pleasure during vaginal and anal fun. The modes can be easily adjusted at the push of a button. This mi..
Ex Tax:30.56€
Small, compact and extremely powerful! Rechargeable Wand Vibe from Elegant Series with a velvety soft touch texture. 15 different vibration modes at the push of a button that provide pure massaging pleasure that is perfect for every user – it has both gentle vibrations and intense pulsations. The m..
Ex Tax:20.68€
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