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Mixgliss TOY CLEANER 100 ML

Mixgliss TOY CLEANER 100 ML
Mixgliss TOY CLEANER 100 ML

It is a hygienic disinfectant spray, to produce a deep cleaning effect on erotic toys of all shapes and surfaces.

  • Its improved formula manages to eliminate all types of bacteria, fungi and germs with 99.99% efficiency, making it one of the most effective.

It has a fresh and clean aroma and thanks to its powerful spray it allows you to clean the most remote spaces of toys.

Just 5 or 6 sprays on the entire surface are enough, let it act for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water and dry well.

  • It is compatible with latex, silicone and gelatin.
  • Antibacterial, fungi and germs.
  • It is colorless.
  • Fresh scent.
  • Essential for all your toys.
  • 100ml spray

Easy application container with secure closure.

100% Made in the EU, MIXGLISS is the result of studies previously tested on people, its optimal performance makes it a lubricant with extreme effectiveness.

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