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Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā

Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā
Moressa IVY VIBRATOR rozā

Ivy is a travel companion with a unique style: an elegant and simple object, always ready to please you without notice. Small, light, with its attractive lipstick appearance, Ivy is a discreet and modern vibrator to always carry with you and which you can enjoy at any time.
And as usual when it comes to MORESSA, form and operation combine to allow maximum control in its four different stimulation modes.
As with all MORESSA pleasure objects, Ivy is designed to provide intense physical joy and absolute spiritual peace in any situation and under any circumstance.

Manufactured with medical silicone and Abs, approved by the FDA and free of phthalate, Ivy provides 1.5 hours of virtually silent vibrations after a charging time of just 1 hour.
Speed ​​and intensity are easily regulated by an intuitive control interface.

Created with green technology, it will make you feel comfortable with the cause of the environment and is very quiet. The full charge is less than one hour long and may be running for 2 hours in a row.

The hypoallergenic certified medical grade silicone stands out for its silky feel and excellent sliding ability. So you can enjoy your new friend for a long time, it is recommended that you use a water-based water-based lubricant in your wetter games. This protects the material and the surface remains silky. You can wash your toy very easily with water and a mild soap. For a more thorough hygiene, also use a special disinfectant cleaner for sex toys such as Waterfeel or Nina kikí toy cleane.

  • High performance; 6 vibration modes and 3 intensity modes
  • • Fully rechargeable; More power
  • • Made with 100% medical silicone: respect your body
  • • Phthalate free
  • • Silent, less than 60 decibels.
  • • Safe material for the body
  • • USB rechargeable
  • • Submersible category IPX7 / Suitable for shower or Spa
  • • Retro illuminated control with LED lights
  • • Total Measure; 90 x 22mm
  • Weight; 257 grams
  • • Certificate; FDA approved.
Press the + button for only two seconds to turn Ivy on or off. Press the intensities button to change the mode and intensity.
The vibrator is rechargeable and allows comfortable handling, without annoying cables. Before using it for the first time, you must fully charge it.
Warning: the first charging process can last up to three hours.
The disposal of electronic devices must be carried out according to the regulations for hazardous waste in force in the European Union and in other European countries or according to local regulations. Respect garbage disposal regulations
Specific to your country and, if in doubt, ask your distributor about disposal options.
Opening a box of MORESSA products is exclusive. Satisfaction is our goal, so we have taken care of every detail.
  • • Ivy
  • • Bag to store after use.
  • User manual
Moressa is the reference brand for its design, quality and technology. We have developed an innovative product and pampered each manufacturing process to achieve the best result. Moressa is a symbol of energy, strength and guarantee. Buying a Sextoy Moressa is feeling reflected with the present. Each Moressa Toy will transport you to different sensations. An unbeatable result thanks to the comfortable premium silicone and ergonomic designs.

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